Hello! I am Jolin, your holistic health Tinkerbelle.

I am holistic wellness coach. My passion includes conducting nutrition & detox workshops, talks and events. Basically, I love spreading smiles and good energy! In addition, I offer meal planning and preparation too. Healthy bentos, zoodles, and other delicious healthy recipes. Some of my clients include UOB, Citibank, DFS, lululemon and Airbnb.

As a firm believer in a holistic way of maintaining health, not only do I share of the effectiveness of eating right for a better body and reduced ailments, I also like to address the importance of physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

After business school, I studied Holistic Nutrition in the School of Natural Health Sciences, and spent 6 months in New Zealand volunteering; at yoga retreat centres, as well as holistic communes. She is currently studying Ayurveda, homeopathy, sports nutrition and child nutrition.